About us


My name is Anup Gore and I am a digital marketing expert. I am an alumni of Goa Institute of Management, where I completed my MBA in marketing management in 1998. After having worked for 15 years in the telecom and financial services industry & 2 years in academics, teaching subjects related to marketing and HR at graduate levels. I suffered from a life threatening illness in 2015, post which I was bedridden for 2 years. I have now recuperated but with certain mobility restrictions, I now work from home & have started a firm Gorebo offering services in the areas of Digital Marketing, Content Development and Web Design & Development.

I have developed a mantra of being CRISP CLEAR CONTRIBUTING over the years of my work-life, which I have encompassed in all our services offered.

I am looking forward to associate with you and deliver the requirements of your firm.


Anup Gore