8 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Small Business Owners

With an estimated 2.46 billion people on social media platforms, businesses not having a social media marketing plan are missing out on a huge opportunity for interactions with its customers. But some business owners are put off by the time and efforts needed to maintain a great social media presence. However, affordable solutions like Gorebo mean that price and time can no longer be an excuse for same.

Apart from organic content, there is also paid advertising, which offers businesses a low-cost solution to increase awareness and reach a large number of potential customers. Here are 8 benefits of advertising on social media sites to help you understand the importance.

#1 Increased Brand Awareness

Every business wants to get its name out there to as many potential customers as possible and social media offers a relatively easy way to do this. Your social media channels offer another way for you to spread your brand’s voice and content. It also makes it easier for new customers to access you, and can make you a familiar face in the market.

#2 Improved Brand Loyalty

Parallel to increased brand awareness comes improved brand loyalty. If you have a regular presence on the market, your business may become a go-to for anyone looking for your particular products or services. A well thought out social media strategy can drastically build your following and turn your customers into your very own brand promoters.

#3 More Referrals

If you’ve got a loyal following, you’ll also get mentioned by customers who may then recommend your product or service. Essentially that gives you some free advertising! The more people you’ve got talking about you on social media, the more trusted and valued your brand will be.

#4 Decreased Marketing Costs

Paid advertising on social media sites is relatively cheap and you can always start small to test it out first. Additionally, dedicate a few hours each week to building your organic content and audience, and you’ll reap great benefits in the long run.

#5 Traffic To Your Website

With a carefully thought out social media marketing strategy, you can drive every single one of your followers to your website and vastly increase traffic. Without social media, you’re limited to users who either directly go to your website or find you on a search engine. With quality content posted regularly on your social media, you can lead a person to visit your site. The more posts you create, the more inbound traffic you’ll create, which could then produce more leads and eventual conversions.

#6 Higher SEO

Good SEO is essential for ranking well on search engines, however the rules for successful SEO keep on changing rapidly. It’s no longer good enough to blog regularly, have optimized title tags and meta descriptions (although these do help!). Search engines may now calculate their rankings with social media presence as a parameter. Being active on social media is therefore a good indicator to a search engine that your brand is legitimate and trustworthy.

#7 Personalized Customer Service

If a customer compliments you or your product, you can recommend relevant products or even send them a discount coupon as a way to say thanks. Or if a customer complains to you, you can immediately address the issue and offer a public apology to show how much you care about your customers. It’s this kind of personal service that keeps a customer returning time and time again.

#8 Greater Insights of Your Customers

Social media marketing offers a great opportunity to gain valuable insights on what interests your audience and how they behave. Advertising takes this one step further by opening up those insights beyond your organic audience. You can monitor how people respond to a specific campaign via their likes and comments. This helps you tweak and improve future campaigns.


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